Poll – Vote for Your Favourite Big Brother Australia 2022 Housemate

Favourite Big Brother Australia 2022 Housemate

Vote for Your Favourite Big Brother Australia Season 14 Housemate

Who is your favourite Big Brother Australia 2022 Housemate? – “Big Brother Australia 2022” is the 14th season of Big Brother Australia Reality Tv Show and will be will featuring 11 new housemates entering the famed residence alongside 8 returning Big Brother royalty members.

This season will see new housemates competing against some of the most iconic housemates of the past, dubbed ‘royalty.’ This new breed of housemates will experience what it’s like to be cut off from the outside world with cameras and microphones recording their every move – 24 hours a day.

The new housemates, ranging in age from 22 to 52, will enter the house throughout the season with the aim of surviving every eviction and living together for 62 days and it promises to be more exciting, fun-filled, and intriguing as the housemates include some of the biggest, noisiest, and most-loved housemates from the past face off against a new breed of young, hungry housemates in the ultimate showdown.

Meet Big Brother Australia 2022 Housemates

Big Brother Australia 2022 Returning housemates

  • Aleisha, 24 – Entrepreneur
  • Gabbie, 22 – Retail Worker
  • Jaycee, 23 – Musician and Rapper
  • Joel, 26 – Fitness fanatic
  • Johnson, 25 – Big Brother superfan
  • Josh, 32 – Ex international model
  • Lara, 52 – Hairdresser
  • Lulu, 39 – Community worker
  • Melanie, 41 – Receptionist
  • Sam, 31 – Intimacy coach
  • Taras, 34 – Musician

Big Brother Australia 2022 Returning housemates

  • Anthony Drew, 33 – 2013 housemate
  • Dave Graham, 42 – 2006 housemate
  • Estelle Landy, 33 – 2012 housemate
  • Layla Subritzky, 33 – 2012 runner-up
  • Reggie Bird, 42 – 2003 winner
  • Tim Dormer, 37 – 2013 winner
  • Trevor Butler, 48 – 2004 winner
  • Tully Smyth, 34 – 2013 housemate

Host Sonia Kruger will be there every step of the way to question strategies and pick apart motives. Ultimately Australians will vote to determine who deserves to win the $250,000 prize. The public can vote for their favourite housemate of the season.

If you’ve got a favourite houseguest then start by voting now and doing it every day until the Big Brother Finale.

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  • Who’s Your Favorite Big Brother Australia Season 22 Housemate?

    Favourite Big Brother Australia 2022 Housemate
    • Regina “Reggie” Bird
    • Trevor Butler
    • Layla Subritzky
    • Tim Dormer
    • Estelle Landy
    • Dave ‘Farmer Dave’ Graham
    • Anthony Drew
    • Tully Smyth
    • Samantha ‘Sam’ Monovski
    • Aleisha Campbell
    • Taras Hrubyj-Piper
    • Gabbie Keevill
    • Jaycee
    • Lara Phillips
    • Joel Notley
    • Lulu Oliveira
    • Johnson Ashak
    • Melanie “Mel” Todd
    • Josh Goudswaard

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